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Based in the Alpes-Maritimes, FunCanide is moving into Alpes-Maritimes and Var regions.

Tips on dog training, need a behavioral assessment, want to reinforce your bonding with your dog ? Fun Canide can bring you practical and simple solutions with respect about your dog.




Vinciane Behavioral Educator.

Since 2008, Vinciane guides you step by step in your pet's education...

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Vinciane: Passionate about animals since his childhood,… See more »

behaviorist animal

Behavioral Educator

Being Behavioral Educator is to know the behavior … See more »

dog dancing

Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing: It's a dog discipline combining education and music… See More »

Vinciane: Passionate about animals since his childhood , it's in first move with the horses that she developed his keen sense of ethology ( study of animal behavior ).

In a second time with the help of the marvellous BALY , she undertook to pass on his knowledge. A few years later GAIA join the pack. With the precious help of her two assistants you and your dog are in the best paw to acquire good behaviors and canine codes.

With her years of observations and her dynamic character , Vinciane will guide you to restore perfect communication with your pet.

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Being Behavioral Educator is to know the behavior and decrypt your dog's motivations. Their concerns, habits and their understanding of the already in place rules are all the factors that can help a good diagnosis to choose the most suitable approach. The feeling and high sensitivity through the years of experience do the rest.

The Natural Method is a Ethological approach which fully respect the physical and psychological integrity of your dog. A strong motivation trick is used for the animal (toy, food) in order to keep him motivate and focus. By this way the dog can be guided to good behavior. Every good action will be rewarded (in the learning phase) and every "bad" ones will be purposed a satisfactory alternative. No brutality is required or encouraged when the gentleness and patience can get to the end of each difficulty.

The Clicker is a great intuitive learning tool. Communication with your dog is simplified with. This is sounding a "click" at the exact moment your dog performs a good behavior. The fact that your dog have been previously "loaded" (clicker's initial training) allows him to deduce what you are expecting from him and the assurance of being rewarded. However, the use of the clicker is sometimes considered complex by people who starting in the education of their animal. Therefore it is up to you to decide to use it or not.

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Dog Dancing: It's a dog discipline combining education and music that exponentially reinforces the complicity between you and your dog. You learn in a first time "tricks" to run. When they are well assimilated you'll be able to perform a "routine" (choreographic concatenation) on music.

Baly is a fantastic dog in this discipline since 2009. We be part French and European finals each year.



2016: Italia HTM champion

Participation to the World championship in Russia.

2015: 3rd in the Nation Cup

Double Swiss HTM champion

3rd in German Championship

HTM French Vice champion

2014: 4st in HTM French Championship

2013: 3rd in HTM French Championship

Wining the HTM Belgium Championship

2012: HTM French Vice champion

Wining the HTM Belgium Championship

Wining the duo French Championship

3rd in French duo Championship (2 trainers and 2 dogs)

2011: Wining the duo French Championship

2009: Solo French Vice champion

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Fun Canide brings you with a wide range of customizable services, to stick to your needs and those of your dog.
Click on the images below for a description of our services.

dog behavioral assesment


dog individual courses


puppies school


This is an opportunity to understand at home what is not working in your relationship with your dog, analyze your life and your dog's behavior to bring you simple solutions regarding your situation.

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This is the step right after the behavioral assessment. We practice natural method based on the study of your pet behavior to teach you how to communicate and make you understand by your dog. Program is designed to meet your needs, according to your way of life, as everyone has different needs regarding education. Complicity is the most important tool for success.

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As the name suggests it is the favorite place for young dogs, accessible for puppies older than 2 months . They learn social skills, respect of the community living rules without forgetting your presence. Their also work agility skills to be well in their paws, and listen you in all situations.

description school of puppies

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dog group courses




dog accessories shop


It's time to put into practice the exercises seen in individual courses and test your dog in contact with other ones who also followed my courses for a total control of the situation .

description ecole des chiots

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It is the place stands the puppies' school. A park with miniature apparatus adapted for the respect of the puppies' joints. The Canipark is also the perfect place to work anxieties of adult dogs: grasping the void with the footbridge and the suspension bridge, balance with the swing and the sleeping bag , claustrophobia with tunnels and niche, capabilities to cross bright, noisy and scary objects to reach their trainer. Of course all these apparatus have been specially adapted for dogs in a total security.

Alternative Alternative Alternative

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Need equipment for education or well being of your pet ? It is not necessary to wait, we probably have in stock what you need. We work with serious and wellknown brands like TRIXIE KONG and ...

Here is the non-exhaustive list of what we can get for you (of course we can order specific article you need):


  • Kong original black et puppy
  • Kong wobbler
  • Kong balistic friends
  • Kong ball
  • Kong aqua
  • Kong safe stix
  • Kong wubba


  • Tether small dog
  • Tether big dog
  • Snack mini bones
  • Snack bonie mix
  • Natur snack mix
  • Kaurollen dentafun
  • Delicacies pocket with bag dispenser
  • Leash 3pts
  • Furminator type brush
  • Pizzle x100
  • Frisbee dog o soar
  • Flasher (light to be attached to collar)
  • Educational games
  • Dry foam shampoo
  • Folding silicone bowl
  • Chewing-ball against tartar


  • Cow hooves
  • Pet corrector
  • Ball launcher
  • Aqua boy (Water distributor)
  • Clicker
  • Artrohusse
  • Vermihusse
  • Green tea oil (Natural anti bacterial and healing)
  • Tassman (Protective pads)

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